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Photography gallery two girls dressed up as santa clause
Santa Party Comes To The House Of Parliament
Photography gallery boy jumping with the bicycle in the middle of the street
Boy Jumping With The Bicycle
Photography gallery white dog sitting on the grassy hill in the park
Posing Dog
Graphic design gallery ladybug with many arms and feet
Guerrilla Bug
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Html And Css

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Web Design

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Ibooks and Epubs

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Graphic Design

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Social Media

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Fine Art, Drawing

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Fine Art, Painting

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Fine Art, Sculpture

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About De Quesada

I am a multidisciplinary artist, web designer, web developer, digital graphic designer, photographer, illustrator, animator, brand developer and composer based in London with global capacity. I have excellent proficiency in both spoken and written Spanish and English and a working knowledge of Italian and Portuguese. So I am able to work in multilingual international projects. I create brands, develop, design and build beautiful and functional websites. My skill set also includes the creation of ebooks and epubs ready for publishing. I use Photoshop, illustrator, Corel Painter and other program…

Black Boy With Long Hair


Find out about myAbout this website

About this website

My personal website is a place of creative departure. I created this website from the ground up, executing all aspects and elements, visual and conceptual: from initial concept, design and development, including the photography, illustrations, animations and all other creative elements in evidence. My website is a framework to start developing and executing new ideas and an original approach, which allows me to focus on the most essential aspects of my creativity. My site is a showcase of the skills t…

I Love Toyota Happy Days


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Advertising work

I use mixed media to create my advertising work, including After Effects and Premiere for animation. Often I use video in my productions. It is a skill I…

United Kingdom and world map floating inside of the chrome orbs


My Work

Helping to make the world more beautiful

Quick Facts

I’m a web designer, designer graphic designer, fine art graphic designer, illustrator, photographer and artist based in London and the world. I’m bilingual. I create easy to use interactive experiences for web, mobile and table devices. By being multi discipline, I am able to undertake complex projects that include most creative disciplines – web development, photography, graphic design, etc. I love engaging and interactive projects.

My green credentials

I am extremely mindful of sustaining the ecological health of the planet and the world’s finite resources. For this reason my preliminary work on projects uses recycled materials whe… (more…)

My Green Credentials

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